"You cannot hope to build a better world 
without improving the individuals."

- Marie Curie

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Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my programs.  So, who the heck am I?  Here it goes...

My name is Socorro Curiel.

Why I do what I do:
I take great pleasure in watching my clients and my partners move away from their financial burdens and towards a life of financial comforts.  For that reason, I am dedicated to bringing financial freedom to anyone who wants it and will accept it. 

Where I began my journey:
I have always been very interested in helping bring out the best in others.  I began this journey when I joined the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) in 1986.  I headed up the National Human Resources committee for many years, which allowed me one of the best opportunities for guiding and coaching.  I had graduated as an Electrical Engineer and through this committee, I was able to assist engineering students and other engineering professionals in beating their competition in the job market by showing them new strategies for preparing resumes, taking interviews, and doing industry research.  SHPE has always had a tremendous asset potential.  At the time, I was able to assist in creating SHPE'
s online job board and the SHPE Mercado, which became some of their first income-producing assets.  Giving organizations the tools to help themselves was the premise of my efforts.  

Where I began coaching:
In 1998, I began working with the Anthony Robbins organization in Chicago.  After overcoming some personal setbacks in my own life, coaching became an easy transition.  I completed the Master's Track, then began my work as a momentum coach, teaching others to integrate their newly learned skills into their daily lives.  After moving back to California, I enrolled in Mastery University and graduated in Fiji in September 2003.  I still continued to work with the organization as a crew member of Tony's live events.  My work with the Anthony Robbins organization allows me spiritual insights to my life and my life's purpose.  I became more aware of the world's abundance and own reluctance to accept wealth for myself. I changed my own sabotaging behavior and began creating my wealth.  It was during that journey that I made the decision to move into full-time coaching and dedicate all my efforts to helping others become all that they can be.
  In 2006, I became a certified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro- Linguistics Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, and Hypnosis and my coaching practice has been growing steadily ever since.

Financially speaking:
In 2002, I began working with Loral Langemeier's Live Out Loud organization in Northern California, where I've learned to establish financial baselines to prepare my foundation for wealth.  With this knowledge, I've built a wealth team and started my first real estate investing company, Curiel Properties.  To date, this company is successfully managing several income-producing properties in California.  This was just the beginning of my financial freedom.

Financial literacy is the basis of any wealth plan, so please take that first step.  Without the fundamentals in place, financial independence can rarely be sustained.  We all have the ability to be far far greater than we allow ourselves to be.  Join me in learning how you too can design a wealth program and begin your journey towards financial freedom today.

Personal Stats:
My TOP Values that I live by:  Love, Integrity, Growth, Happiness, Vitality
My Power Virtues that move me forward:  Compassion, Courage, Faith, Determination
My First Book:  Rents to Riches
My Guilty Pleasures:  Red Zinfandel Wine, Candid Photography, Rocky Road Ice Cream, Dressing up my dog, watching Flavor of Love (Flavor Flave!!)
My Favorite Movies:  And the Band Played On, French Kiss, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Lake House
My Favorite Vacation:  Fiji, I highly recommend it.  However, I really love Paris, France too.
My First Profession:  Professional Electrical Engineer for 18 years working in the telecommunications industry
My Other Business:  Que Bonita - My Canine jewelry design company
My Weakness:  Housework.  I LOVE my housekeeper!  
My Strength:  I know how to create wealth and I can teach anyone to do it.

Socorro Curiel

 Master Coach


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